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Danmats Cotton Sheet

Our sheets are not only breathable , but also incredibly soft and has a great feel to it.

Why? Because we only provide sheets with natural material and with good quality cotton.

1. Long Staple Fiber

Only long staple cotton fibers can be spun into fine and strong yarn. It is the very best cotton making the sheet feels supremely natural, fresh and breathable.


Long Staple Fibers

Fine and fewer ends exposed

Short Staple Fibers

Coarse and more ends exposed

2. Single Ply Yarn

We only use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads and results in light, soft, yet extremely durable sheets. Usually multi-ply yarns are made from shorter, weaker fiber which are twisted together to create a false strength. A thicker and coarser fabric is resulted due to the short fiber poke out of the weave. 


Single Ply Yarn

fine and strong

Multi Ply Yarn

Coarse and weak

3. Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.

The only (I repeat, THE ONLY) time thread count matters is for 100% cotton, single-ply weaves. You can ignore the thread count when it comes to multi-ply yarns. Gimmicky marketers have used 2- or 3-ply yarns to double or triple the thread count.


300 Thread Count

150 horizontal + 150 vertical =

300 Single Ply Thread Count

600 Thread Count

100 horizontal + 100 vertical =

200 x 3-ply Thread Count

4. Weaves

Weaving is a process of making a fabric. Different weaving techniques brings different fabric texture and feel. Here we provide you with the sateen weave and twill weave.

Sateen is a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave. This allows for more threads to be on the surface, ultimately  leading to a very soft and luxurious feel while also giving an elegant shiny appearance.

Twill is a diagonal weave. Twill bed sheets are durable, strong, flexible, and drape easily. Twill is soft-washed to relax the fibers and get that gentle, worn-in, unbelievably soft feel.


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