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Myth Of Thread Count

When we shop for bedsheets, we thought the highest thread count, the better, but the truth is it may not be the case if you know about the tricks of thread count...

Here we will make it clear for you...


300 Thread Count

150 horizontal + 150 vertical =

300 Single Ply Thread Count

600 Thread Count

100 horizontal + 100 vertical =

200 x 3-ply Thread Count

How To Choose Bed Sheets

When we look for good quality bed sets, we always taught to look at thread count only. However, after research, it becomes clear that higher thread count doesn’t always mean higher quality. In fact, more threads can actually make sheets heavier and less breathable.

If you see anything over 500, though,  that's likely an inflated figure. They count not just each thread, but by counting the“ply” spun together within each thread. Lower grade cotton often needs multi-ply construction for strengthening it.

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