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Danmats Linen Sheet

Our sheets are not only breathable , but also incredibly soft and has a great feel to it.

Why? Because we only provide sheets with natural material and with good quality cotton.

1. Hollow Fibers

Fibers of the flax plant is HOLLOW. It is the hollow allows the air and moisture to circulate naturally and act as a perfect natural insulator. Linen reacts to the season and the body in contact with the material, to provide users with most comfortable experience. It is valued for its ability to keep you cool in the summer and trap warmth in winter.

2. Source From France

It is the source of material makes the difference.  Flax plant are grown in Europe only. The best sources of linen in the world are France and Belgium. It brings the next-level luxury for sleeping experience. It is pre-washed for softness and durability.

3. Strongest Fiber

Linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber and is often regarded in Europe the best quality material to sleep in.

Linen, as a natural fiber from flax plant is typically 30% stronger than cotton. This means that bed sheets are more durable than sheets made of other materials and therefore last a lot longer. In Europe, it is common for families to pass down bed linen through generations.


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